Idea -

“Woman of the Year”

“Woman of the Year”
 The concept



This award was created by Cinzia Sgambati-Colman, journalist, businesswoman, mother and wife who has always strived to maintain a balance between all her roles.


This prize is a homage to these women who, while taking on one or several of these roles, were able to achieve something special that left a mark on their lives and others'.



The candidates are from all over the world and considered without any discrimination of race or culture. The short summary card highlights the candidate’s relevant elements of their private and/or professional life and the motives behind their choice.



Pablo Atchugarry’s artwork



The trophies are made this year by the international sculptor Pablo Atchugarry, a native from Montevideo (Uruguay), known for his marble artwork, exhibited around the world, many of which have been auctioned at Christie’s and Sotheby’s in London, New York, Paris and Amsterdam.

 Rules of the Monte-Carlo of the Woman of the year Award.


The Monte Carlo Award is specifically designed to honor women. It rewards women who left their mark in their daily life and in the professional world, who have reached significant results without being necessarily famous. They have used their skills and managed their business anonymously.

Candidates come from all over the world, and are chosen without discrimination of race, culture or religion.

Prior to the award ceremony, a conference/round table will take place to discuss a different theme each year.